Archer, Hoshi, Trip, and T’Pol contend with a contagion that mutates any it infects into a member of an extinct sentient species. T’Pol is left to fend off her newly modified and aggressive crew mates. Take TNG’s Genesis and Voyager’s Threshold, add two unhappy podcasters, and you’ll get this episode.

Star Trek: Enterprise 03×03 – Extinction
Directed by Levar Burton
Written by Andre Bormanis
Guest Stars: Roger Cross

There Are Four Mics is a weekly Star Trek podcast discussing the Star Trek episodes and movies in stardate order. Join Chris Keeley, Jason Allen, Joe Heiser, and Joshua B. Jones as we discuss the 3rd episode of season three of Star Trek: Enterprise, Extinction.

Cold Open

A skinny little feller is making a break for it through the forest when he takes a little tumble. Before he can right himself, three dudes in space suit appear and murder him with their sweet ass flame throwers.

Part 1

Trip swings by T’Pol’s quarters for his latest therapy session and to share some sweet peaches, which sadly gets interrupted when the Captain orders her to the command center to discuss hunting down some nearby Xindi. Once they land on the planet, the humans on the away team transform into creatures and hunt down T’Pol.

T’Pol convinces Monster Hoshi to hand over a universal translator to help bridge the language barrier, while she waits for the Enterprise to get it’s act together to rescue them. They eventually send down a shuttlepod and capture Reed, but the rest of the away team escapes. Up in orbit, a couple vessels drop out of warp and inform the Enterprise they are quarantined due to Monster Reed being on their ship, and should prepare to be boarded.

Part 2

Monster Archer dreams of a massive underground city, and becomes even more difficult to convince that his true home is Earth. The exterminator comes aboard the Enterprise and educates the gang that this is a manufactured virus designed to replenish the population of a species who lost the ability to reproduce. Monster Archer, Monster Hoshi and Regular T’Pol discover the city in the dream, and find it utterly destroyed.

The flame thrower dudes track the Monsters, but T’Pol and her gang are able to overpower the team. In the process, one of the exterminator’s suit gets ripped and he gets roasted by his buddies. A team from the Enterprise beams down just as everybody is about to get flamethrowers and takes them back to the ship. They hit the road and get pursued by the trigger happy flame people.  in is able to synthesize an antiviral and saves the day. When Phlox is about ready to destroy the virus, Archer gets all sentimental and asks him to put it on ice instead.


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