Part of the Star Trek Enterprise episode “The Communicator” felt like a sitcom. So we made it into one.

Archer and Reed being interrogated in The Communicator

During our Star Trek podcast discussion of the Star Trek Enterprise episode The Communicator, we found one of the final scenes of the episode had a distinctly UN-Star Trek feel. It felt like it would be much more at home in a 1990s era sitcom.

So co-host Joe Heiser made that 22 seconds into Star Trek sitcom magic:

For those needing a refresher, the season two episode revisits a common theme in the Star Trek universe. After visiting a pre-warp civilization, Archer, Hoshi and Reed return to the Enterprise NX-01 only to find a communicator missing. The Captain and Reed journey back to the planet to recover it, and are almost immediately captured. Instead of simply losing a mysterious piece of technology, they cause all kinds of shenanigans that are certain to have far more impact on the course of this civilization’s development. In spite of all that, it’s just generally a pretty fun episode.

But near its conclusion, there’s a scene whose feel doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the episode. After his liberation, Captain Jonathan Archer frantically starts feeling his pockets aboard the shuttlepod. Watching this, Malcolm Reed grabs something off the floor of their shuttlepod and asks “Sir, are you looking for this?” The Captain looks relieved, and everyone chuckles over the fact that they didn’t just almost die for nothing.

Shout out to Star Trek icon Andre Bormanis for writing a great episode of Star Trek Enterprise that we could butcher for laughs.

If you know other Star Trek moments more appropriate for a sitcom, tell us in the comments!

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