Star Trek: ENT 2×13 – Dawn – TAFM 041

Trip works on the damaged comm unit

Trip has a not so friendly encounter with an Arkonian pilot named Zho’Kaan while testing the shuttlepod’s autopilot, leading to a short camping trip on the surface of a moon. Not so bad on its own, but turns out it can get to well over 250 degrees in the daylight and both ships were damaged in the descent. Leading to Enterprise’s very own Darmok/The Enemy episode.

Trip.. And Zho’Kaan.. At.. some moon.

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Star Trek: Enterprise 02×13 – Dawn
Directed by Roxann Dawson
Written by John Shiban
Guest Stars: Brad Greenquist, Gregg Henry, Evan English

There Are Four Mics is a weekly Star Trek podcast discussing the Star Trek episodes and movies in stardate order. Join Chris Keeley, Jason Allen, Joe Heiser, and Joshua B. Jones as we discuss the 13th episode of season two of Star Trek: Enterprise, Dawn.

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Music credits:
Faith of the Heart/Where My Heart Will Take Me – Written by Diane Warren, performed by Russell Watson, Jerry Lubbock, and the New York Trek Orchestra
Archer’s Theme – Dennis McCarthy and New York Trek Orchestra

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